Start of Project Beta

Start of project beta

I have several projects going right now. However, I think I have time to add another one.

Unlike Project Alpha, this one will be a small niche site. Again in a foreign language, targeting the Netherlands. I have several similar small niche sites like these. That means that I’m more certain that this niche site will make some money in the end.

Niche sites are generally way easier to set up and get some traction.

I already know what niche I want to target with project Beta. I’m going to follow a “recipe” that I’ve did several times before. And each of these niche sites have been generating some income for me. Not extremely much, it’s still targeting a small niche in a small country. But enough to be profitable and generating me some extra passive income.

Unlike an authority website, a niche site can be a very passive source of income. I tend to believe that for an authority website, it is important to keep linkbuilding, keep putting out fresh content on a regular basis, keeping social channels up to date… Something I don’t do for a lot of my niche sites.

Sure, some of my niche sites might be bigger if I give them the attention they deserve. But I believe might time is better spend on developing new niche sites, letting it age and letting it generate a new source of income. That way I have several websites as a source of income and I don’t have to rely on just 1 or 2 of them. Because if one of those get hit hard, I might get in trouble.

Project beta will be targeting a niche with high ticket products. Sales might come in slow but when one does, I’ll be looking at commission of about € 10 – € 100. Not too shabby, right? 😉

This is the game plan for this project:

  1. Do extensive keyword research
  2. Write about 10 money pages/articles myself
  3. Translate about 10 supporting articles
  4. Write about 15 product review articles
  5. Set up the website
  6. Publish all of the money pages and product reviews and 4 supporting articles. The other 6 supporting articles will be published over a period of 2 months.
  7. Create a persona and set up some social profiles
  8. Setup IFTTT to automatically share new articles on social channels
  9. Let the site age for a month or 3
  10. Create about 5 directory links per week after 2 months for about 2 months
  11. Create about 3 forum/comment links per week after 1 month for about 2 months
  12. Do one article submission (with do follow link) per week after 2 months for about 2 months

After all this has been done, I’ll let this project age a while. When the project has been live for 6 months I expect to see the first sales dripping in. By that time, about 25 articles should be published and about 70 links should be live, not including the ones from social profiles.

After 6 months, I’ll be adding one article every 2 weeks and do a little bit more linkbuilding through directories, forum and comments, article submission, guest posts..

The niche I will be targeting tends to be seasonal. I expect a lot more visitors during winter then during summer. However, the goal for project beta is to make € 200 / month after one year.

After this first year, which is always the hardest, the income through this project will defintely grow with some spikes during winter months.