What can you expect?

What to expect

On this website, I want to share some of my experiences, sucesses, failures, experiments… I’ll be covering series of blogposts about the evolution of certain projects, SEO experiments as well as experiments with paid advertising…

I want to take you with me in the process of setting up and managing an affiliate website. I’m mostly working in foreign, non-english speaking markets. However, I don’t want to exclude the possibility of trying to set up a project in an english-native market.

I got my inspiration from websites like Nichepursuits, Authority Website Income, Authority Hacker and Tom Spicky.

These websites are all active with English-native projects. None of them would cover projects in so-called “foreign countries”. And that’s what I thought this website might be a good idea.

I don’t claim to be one of the top affiliate marketeers, I’m nowhere near the expert like the ones I mentioned above but I’m going good to build a nice passive income with my projects. Of course, not every project is a success. But it’s these mistakes that are most valuable to me as these are great lessons.

By sharing these mistakes and successes I hope to show you that anyone can earn an extra income online. As long as you put in the work it requires and don’t quit after a few weeks of hard work.

To protect my projects, I won’t share my domain name or even niche publicly to protect myself from copycats or negative attacks. I do want to share every step I take in the whole process. From choosing a niche, keyword research, creating a persona to the creation of content and linkbuilding.

I’ll give my first project that I’ll share with you guys the incredible inspirational and unique name; Project Alpha.

Since I’ll be running this project next to my full-time job, other projects, work for clients and having a social live, my time for project Alpha will be limited.

Take into account that I’ll have to document every thing I do, it makes sense for me to outsource some of the work. What I’ll be outsourcing, how much I’ll pay for the work, what revenue it generates … you’ll all read it over here.

Still, I want to stress out that most of the things I’ll be outsourcing, you can do yourself if you wanted. It all depends on what your budget is, the amount of time you have for your project etc.

Now, just to make things perfectly clear for the SEO’ers who wonder whether I’m a white hat/grey hat or black hat SEO’er; in my full-time job and in my work for clients, I only use white hat principles.

For my own affiliate projects I consider myself as a grey hat. That means I’ll be buying paid link placements, I’ll publish guest posts, buy links from PBN’s,… But I won’t build automatic links, use spam or any other hacks.

Next to all this, it would be nice to get in touch with fellow affiliate marketeers. I might consider starting a Facebook group if there’s enough interest. So if you are interested in this, hit me up.

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