Monthly Report September 2020

Monthly Report OnlineHustleIncome September 2020

We’re almost halfway October so it’s time for another update for Project Alpha and Project Beta.

Unfortunately, I have done nearly nothing this month for both projects. I’ve had infections in both my eyes. In the mornings I couldn’t open my eyes and I got headaches making it impossible for me to look at a computer screen and getting some work done. So for 2 weeks, I haven’t done anything except for laying in bed.

As soon as my eyes were healed, I had to make up for the work I was behind for clients and my other sites. Result: nothing done for Project Alpha and Project Beta.

And for the first days of October as well, nothing has been done. However, I do have some nice results to share for the month September.

Project Alpha


As stated in the introduction, no content has been added. Well, except for one page which was scheduled already.


referring domains project alpha september

As you can see in the graph above, no linkbuilding has been done. In fact, I even lost one link.


organic keywords project alpha september

As far as the rankings go, we keep going up. By now, we’re ranking for over 1k keywords. And we have top 3 positions for some keywords with some decent search volume.

I don’t expect this kind of improvement for next month since there barely has been added any content lately and the linkbuilding part is kind of behind schedule as well.

However, it’s nice to see this kind of improvement even when no work has been done.


organic users project alpha september

With better rankings comes more traffic and we saw a nice increase in the amount of organic visitors for september. Project Alpha got 1761 visitors in total.

Almost all visitors are coming from organic. In the graph above, you can see the evolution of organic visitors since the start of this project.


In August this project got €26,16 in commissions. In September, the revenue was €57,55. Still not the amount of revenue I was hoping for.

But I’ll take the positive evolution. So far, this is an overview of the revenue from Project Alpha.

August€ 26,16
September€ 57,55

Goals for next month

Like every month, I like to set some goals for each project I do. For Project Alpha, these are my goals:

  • 4 new money pages
  • 4 new informational posts
  • 3 guest posts
  • 10 directory links

Since we’re almost halfway October already and I haven’t been able to brief any copywriters, I’ll keep the goals to a minimum to make it realistic.

Project Beta


Unfortunately, no new content for Project Beta.


referring domains project beta september

It’s clear in the graph above that no linkbuilding has been done neither.


organic keywords project beta september

Just like with Project Alpha, the amount of keywords ranking has kept improving. We even have some top 3 rankings right now. However, I feel like the most important pages/posts are stuck.

To me, it feels like this site might be in the sandbox and might need some decent links to get out of it. Or just let it age a little more.


organic users project beta september

The amount of organic visitors since the beginning of this project is growing good. Most of the extra organic traffic the site has gotten, is because of one keyword that got a top 3 position. In September I got 293 organic visitors.


Revenue that this project has gotten for September adds up to € 94,97. Just not enough to hit the € 100 mark. But definitely not bad.

Here is an overview of revenue by organic traffic since the beginning of this project.

March€ 0
April€ 0
May€ 0
June€ 0
July€ 2,32
August€ 114,71

While revenue is actually down compared to August, I’m not too worried about it.

The email list has been growing nice as well. By October 1st, I got 56 subscribed emailaddresses. Still, I don’t have any email sequence in place to take advantage of these emailadresses.

Goals for next month

Considering my goals for this site for next month, this is what I would like to accomplish:

  • 2 money pages
  • 3 informational posts
  • 3 guest posts
  • 7 directory links
  • Optimize homepage

That’s it for this month. Given the fact that I haven’t done anything for both sites this month, things are still going up which is nice to see.
Revenue for Project Alpha should be way higher by now. But Project Beta is doing quite good considering this website is only live since a few months.