Monthly Report September 2019

monthly income report september 2019

September in Belgium didn’t give us the after-summer we hoped for. It was more like: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.. Nonetheless, this was another month filled with parties and other social activities.

Again, I did quite some client work this month. As this client project is coming to an end, I expect to be working on this client for 2 more weeks in October for it to be finished. And when this client’s project is done, I can fully focus again on my affiliate projects.

September was rather interesting in terms of things that have been done. To list things up:

  • Found a copywriting service that will produce about 8 articles/month
  • Tested a translator to translate articles from English to Dutch. As the quality was sufficient for what I need now, I’ll be using this person’s service to translate a bunch of English articles.
  • Found someone who will be helping me to manage the content and publish the articles. This includes finding images, some on-page seo work, etc. I’ve already created the first instruction video’s for this person.
  • Published the first pillar content page
  • Written and published a pillar content page myself
  • Created 3 directory links and a few social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, an page..

All in all, not too much has been done on the website itself. However, I’m getting everything in place to automate things.

It’s my intention to just do some keyword research and find some keywords. I’ll pass these keywords to the copywriters (or I’ll look for an appropriate english article to be translated). Once the content is created, this will be passed to the person who’s in charge of content publishing.

This person will format the article, find images and/or videos, do some basic on-page SEO work, in the future share articles on social media accounts…

Working like this, I can focus more link building, site structure, Keyword research for new articles, creating briefings for pillar and supporting pages (or write them myself)…

So, once again, I didn’t meet my target to publish at least 10 articles/month. But by now, I’ve got everything in place to surpass this target with ease for the coming months.

Now, let’s talk results.

Visitors according to Google Analytics

Here’s a screenshot of the number of visitors according to Google Analytics.

google analytics visitors september

Still very, very little visitors. Definitely if you take in account the visits by myself/people who are/will be working on Project Alpha…

On the bright side, I do believe that I got my first real visitor through SEO. Here’s a graph of the organic visitors.

organic visitors september

This might sound stupid, but I’m excited for these first visitors as I do believe that the first 5.000 organic visitors/month are the hardest for a new website.

Keyword Rankings

Still, there’s no rank tracker set up. So right now, I’m looking at the data from Ahrefs and Search Console to keep an eye on my ranking keywords. Here’s a graph of the amount of organic keywords from Ahrefs.

Well, guess what… If you barely have any content online, you can’t expect to be ranking for a shitload of keywords. I’m not too happy when I see this graph but on the bright side, things are going up at least 😉

According to Search Console, I had a spike in impressions on 1 day in September.

impressions search console september 2019

Nothing to worry about. Looks like Google was testing my website or someone who works no Project Alpha did some Google searches 😉

That’s about it for this month’s report. With the automated process in place to get articles published, I’m hoping for a lot of extra content the coming months. That’s when things should start to get some traction.

Untill now, I haven’t reported on the costs for this project though. As of next month, that’ll be something I’ll add. As well as an overview of the amount of articles published.