Monthly Report July 2020

Monthly Report OnlineHustleIncome July 2020

Here we are, a new month started so time to evaluate the results & work done for Project Alpha & Project Beta.

Let’s just dive in immediately.

Project Alpha


Goals for July were 6 new money pages, 6 supporting/information articles & update/optimize 4 older blog posts.

In only got 5 new money pages published, 2 supporting/informational articles and didn’t update/optimize any older blog posts.

However, if you know that some money pages are about 6000 words long, I think that’s not too bad of a result after all.


Referring domains july 2020 project alpha
Referring domains Project Alpha

As you can see in the graph above, I acquired quite some links in July.

My goals for this month were to get 15 directory links & 5 guest posts. And that’s exactly what I did. Most of them are indexed already.

I think this is a good link velocity for this domain now. Since the site is over 1 year old since this year, it makes sense to me to acquire about 20 links/month.


Ranking keywords july 2020 project alpha
Ranking keywords Project Alpha

Now, we definitely are seeing a nice upward trend regarding the amount of ranking keywords.

I feel like the age of the domain definitely has something to do with this. Some of the focus keywords of newly added money pages get to page 1 or page 2 a few days after publishing them.

It’s clear to me that Project Alpha is ready for take-off. And I want to make use of this momentum to go all the way up 😉


Traffic july 2020 project alpha
Organic traffic Project Alpha

Obviously with more ranking keywords come… more organic traffic. Here as well, there’s a nice upward trend. Given the fact that these summer months aren’t really the best months for this niche, it’s nice to see the increase in visitors.

Excited to see the traffic results for the coming months for this Project. It definitely has potential!


The moment of truth… How much revenue did this Project made in July?

Uurrgghhh… Nothing. And that sucks big time! With this amount of visitors I didn’t expect 10+ sales, but I mean like, at least 1 would have been nice…


I feel like I’ve said this every month already, but I really have to look if all the pages with some traffic are monetized properly. I do know that some money pages with traffic don’t have affiliate links. So that might as well be the #1 reason why this site didn’t made any sales.

Goals for next month

Even though it’s really frustrating that this site didn’t generate any revenue yet, I feel confident that the first sale might be just around the corner. So I don’t plan to slow things down. Definitely not with the rankings & traffic increase right now.

So here are my goals for August for Project Alpha:

  • Publish 8 new money pages
  • Publish 10 informational/supporting articles
  • Update/optimize 4 older articles
  • Get 15 directory links
  • Get 4 guest posts
  • Do some blog commenting/forum posts & create some social profiles

Project Beta


My goals for July for Project Beta in terms of content were to publish 2 money pages, 2 product review posts & 2 informational/supporting articles.

I managed to publish 1 money pages & 3 informational/supporting articles. Goals are not completely met, but I’ll take it.

Besides, I did some design tweaks, fixed some affiliate links,… So in the end I’m ok with what has been done in July for this project.


Referring domains july 2020 project beta
Referring domains Project Beta

My original goal in terms of links for this month was to get 5 directory links. Instead, I got about 6 guest posts and 2 directory links.

Not too bad and if I keep this up, I’m convinced rankings should be following soon.


Ranking keywords july 2020 project beta
Ranking keywords Project Beta

The amount of keywords project beta is ranking for keeps growing. Since more pages are getting indexed now, that only makes sense.

I can’t report any first page rankings just yet. However, I hope I to get some page 1 rankings next month.


Traffic july 2020 project beta
Organic Traffic Project Beta

In July there was a big increase in the amount of organic traffic. That’s obviously the result of more pages getting indexed and more ranking keywords.

This might just be the sign that this site is ready to take off.


Unlike Project Alpha, Project Beta did get a sale!

This is the first sale that I attribute to the organic traffic and makes me happy. The sale gave me a € 2,32 commission. The sale still has to get approved before I actually get the commission though 😉

Right now, we’re only a few days into August but I can already report more commission for the month August. I’ll happily report about that in the next monthly report.

Goals for next month

I’d just like to continue my efforts for project beta like I was doing last few months. Drip a little bit of content and a few links. Here’s the list of goals:

  • 2 informational/supporting posts
  • 2 product reviews
  • 1 money page
  • 10 directory links
  • 3 guest posts

That’s it for this month. I’m glad with what has been done in July. Traffic and ranking reports for both projects look promising. It’s just the revenue that still has to follow.

See ya!