Monthly Report July 2019

The first monthly report for Project Alpha! As I started this project only a few weeks ago, it obviously makes sense that there won’t be any earnings or even vistors te report about.

July was quite a busy month for me. In these summer months there’s almost everyday a party somewhere (yeah, I like to party every now and then). For one there is the “Gentse Feesten”. During a period of 10 days the city transforms to a party city with bands/dj’s playing at different locations throughout the city. Good times!

Now, next to all the parties I’ve attended and my full-time job, I’ve managed to do some things for my business as well. I started working with a new client, did some work for an existing client and did some casual updates to several other affiliate marketing projects.

But for Project Alpha I’ve managed to do quite a lot as well.

Things done in July for Project Alpha

To sum it up, this is what I have done in July:

  • Research niches
  • Actually choose a niche
  • Buying domain names (both .be and .nl extension)
  • Buying webhosting
  • Bought a Fiverr gig to design a logo
  • Install WordPress
  • Basic setup of the website (install a Thrive Theme, plugins like Yoast, Google Analytics …)
  • Installed Google Analytics on both websites
  • Did Keyword Research for the first 2 niche categories I’ll be targeting
  • Made a few briefings for copywriters (not sent to them yet) for the first few articles

Actually quite a lot considering the busy month. If I keep this pace, results should start coming in quickly ;).

First pages are indexed in Google

In July 7 pages have been indexed by Google already. All the pages that are indexed now have no content at all. It’s just empty pages I’ve created to start the site structure. In hindsight, I should’ve put a no-index tag on these pages for now. Just to avoid thin content penalties.

Anyway, I’ll just try to add content asap.

Now that the first things are set up, for August I want to publish my first articles. I already have some briefings made which could be send out to copywriters anytime soon. For the first 3 months the plan is to publish at least 10 articles/month.

Next to these 10 articles, I’d like to write some evergreen content myself. This content will be for the pillar pages. I don’t like to outsource content for pillar pages as I have rather high quality requirements for these pages.

Visitors According to Google Analytics

In terms of visitors, there’s nothing to really report about. There have been a few sessions and I’m quite sure all of them or mine 😉 Here’s a screenshot of the analytics account.

Project Alpha visitors in July:

visitors .nl domain

Keyword Rankings

I haven’t started tracking any keywords yet. However, according to Ahrefs, there are already pages showing up for some (3 actually) search terms. I’m kind of surprised as there’s barely any content online yet..

I’m really excited for the next months. I can’t wait to make serious progress with very limited time.