Monthly Report January 2021

Monthly Report OnlineHustleIncome January 2021 cover

First month of 2021 is down and it has been a great one. I hope all of you had a good celebration of the new year even with the pandemic still giving hard times.

My sites had a good month even though, once again barely anything has been done. So let’s just dive in the results, shall we?

Project Alpha


Referring Domains Project Alpha January 2021

No further linkbuilding done. Nothing more to add here though.


Rankings Project Alpha January 2021

Despite no linkbuilding and no new content, rankings keep going up a bit. I’ve lost some top 3 spots but won a few and achieved more page 1 rankings as well. So I’m not unhappy with these results given the fact how little time and money I’m investing in this project right now.


organic traffic project alpha january 2021

I got a record month in terms of organic traffic. In January, this project got about 5.700 organic sessions. January is typically the best month for this site so I’m expecting a lot less visitors for the coming months unless something gets done in terms of extra content and/or linkbuilding.


July 2019 – July 2020€ 0
August€ 26,16
September€ 57,55
October€ 291
November€ 310,44
December€ 415,95
January€ 478,03

In terms of revenue, we hit another record month. However, revenue is still more down than I expected to be when I first started this site. I was kind of hoping to have hit at least the € 500/month mark by now.

Project Beta


Referring Domains Project Beta January 2021

Also for Project Beta no linkbuilding has been done. I did acquire one link organically but that link has no real value behind it.


Rankings Project Beta January 2021

Amount of ranking keywords and rankings in general keep rising. One keyword especially with decent volume and perfect buyer intent, got up to the middle of the first page and that’s something I’m really happy about.


organic traffic project beta january 2021

For January, we’re 30 sessions short to break through 4.000 sessions/month organically. I’m very pleased with this number. If this project keeps going like this, it will soon surpass Project Alpha in terms of organic visits. In terms of revenue, it’s doing way better than Project Alpha already. Given the fact that this site is not even a year old, results have been really great.

On top of that, my email list grew to over 500 subscribers. And still, this list isn’t being monetized.


March€ 0
April€ 0
May€ 0
June€ 0
July€ 2,32
August€ 114,71
September€ 94,97
October€ 377,41
November€ 486,98
December€ 607,48
January€ 1.292,90

Well, what’s to say. Project Beta almost hit € 1.300 (about $1,550) this month. I never had a site making over €1.000 in one month in it’s first year. It almost doesn’t feel right to have a project with this little money and time invested making over €1.000 after 10 months. Obviously, I take it and I should probably give this project the love it deserves given the potential.

If I wanted to sell this project with a recurring revenue of about €1.300/month, I could be looking at € 32.500 – € 45.000. A lot of people have to work full-time for a whole year for this amount of money.

To wrap this monthly report up, I’m very happy with the results. Especially Project Beta seems to be doing very well in terms of revenue. I should take a look at the expenses I had for both projects but I’m pretty sure for Project Alpha that would be under €2.000 and for Project Beta under €750. So let’s just keep this projects going and hope I can soon find the time and resources to give both projects the love they need & deserve.