Monthly Report August 2019

Monthly income report august 2019

Another month has passed by. And what a hot and sunny month it was here in Belgium. Honestly, I really enjoyed this month. Festivals, barbecues, sunny days at the beach, parties in my hometown … To be honest, not the best month for my liver but my morale skyrocketed.

Now, all these things aside, let’s talk business. Business-wise, August was quite terrible. Actually, I worked very little. I did some client work and worked a little on other projects but for Project Alpha nothing worth mentioning has happened.

And that’s exactly the reason why I want to do these monthly reports publicly. To pressure myself more to give this project the attention it deserves.

So what’s been done in August?

  • Made a few more content briefings
  • Made a few theme tweaks

And that’s it… Auwtch!

Obviously, if no work gets done, no results will be achieved either. So far my goal to publish at least 10 articles/month. I guess I’ll have to catch up during September!

Pages indexed in Google

By now, about 9 pages are indexed in Google. Curious thing is that some of the indexed pages barely have any content while content-rich pages aren’t indexed. I only have about 2 pages filled with content myself until now. Both pages have the same page-depth though.

Anyway, way too early to be thinking about these things since the website as a whole barely has any content.

Visitors according to Google Analytics

Even if I had published a lot of long-form articles, I didn’t expect any real visitors yet. So I’m not worried at all about not having any visitors during August. The few visits this site has are probably my own 😉 Nothing exciting to mention.

Google Analytics visitors august monthly income report

Keyword Rankings

I haven’t set up my rank tracker to keep track of my rankings just yet. Something I probably should do in September. Just to have a clear view of my rankings at the start. In Ahrefs, I can see that the first keyword rankings are slowly coming in. Nothing to special but just a signal that the website is getting at least a very little visibility.

I’m getting positions in the top 50 for keywords with up to 150 Monthly Searches. Not too shabby for pages with literally no content on them! Just a sign that it should be fairly easy to get the first traction in term of visitors if you ask me!

Now let’s do better in September and start the grind for real 😉