Choosing a niche

Choosing a niche

This week, I’ve spent my time on choosing a niche. I’ve been looking for a niche that can use affiliate commissions as a revenue model. However, other revenue models like ads, lead generation, ebooks and maybe even dropshipping are always a plus as well.

A webshop however, is not an option. It would require too much time. Following up on orders, pack and send packages, … are things I don’t want to spend time on. Even dropshipping is something I’d rather avoid. I don’t like the idea I would have to answer customer questions at every hour of the day.

I’d like to keep my schedule as flexible as possible. With a full-time job, the flexibility of my schedule is limited anyway. So on some days, I just want to be able to disconnect from the internet without having to worry about orders and stuff like that.

Going on a last-minute trip to a sunny destination always has to be an option for me 😉

I don’t have to be personally interested in the niche I’ll choose. I’ve started quite some other projects in niches that don’t interest me either and I never really minded. Of course it’s more fun to write content about something you’re interested in. But in the end, the fun part for me is ranking and cashing 😉

Something I considered important in choosing the right niche, is it would have to be one with enough potential to expand even further after the first year. That’s why I decided to choose a rather big niche and to focus first on a subniche. Once the subniche gets some traction, I can expand the website with another subniche.

That way, the niche site could evolve into an authority website. I don’t have to tell you guys that an authority websites has way more earning potential than a niche website.

It’ll be a long-term project but once the snowball effect will start and I’ll be able to free up more budget for this project, I’ll be able to outsource more. That means I’ll be able to scale up my efforts for this project.

When choosing a niche I’ve also looked (only a little) to the search volume of the potential subniches.

Competition is important as well. Even though I do believe there’s still plenty of opportunities in most niches in Belgium and the Netherlands as long as you are specific enough and start focussing on long-tail keywords.

At last, it’s also important that there are enough advertisers who are willing to pay commission when I get them sales. The amount of affiliate offers is definitely something to take into consideration as well.

Eventually, I’ve found a niche that ticks all of the above boxes. I’m really excited to get started with this project. Even though the niche is a rather risky choice as there is quite some hard competition. But hard competition also means nice revenue in most cases.

Anyway, I’m excited to get things started!