Monthly Report April 2020

Monthly Report April OnlineHustleIncome

Like I said in this post, I’m going to update this blog more often. And so, here is another monthly update.

I was kind of surprised myself when I saw it has been less than two weeks that I announced Project Beta, in this post. Because I’ve done a shit load of things for this new niche site.

Since I’m still stuck in Isan, North-East Thailand, I’ve taken this opportunity to get a lot of work done.

Things done in April

Let’s start with the things that have been done for Project Alfa, the authority website:

  • Wrote and published a new money page
  • Wrote and published 2 informational blog posts, just to add a little bit of fresh content, less for ranking these posts
  • Created 6 (!) persona’s
  • Created an about us page
  • Wrote and published a (long) testimonial
  • Made some changes on the design, menu…
  • Been playing with building a chat bot with Chatfuel
  • Started creating a lead magnet
  • Adding some internal links
  • And some more small things that I can’t think of right now

Most of the work has been in creating the persona’s. You see, I want to use these persona’s to do outreach for linkbuilding purposes. That’s why for 2 of the persona’s, I already created a LinkedIn profile.

With one of them, I already reached out to a influencer with a lot of followers on LinkedIn. I’m going to explain later why I like this strategy, how I do it and why I think LinkedIn is so underrated for linkbuilding purposes.

So in the end, I feel like I’ve put quite some time in this project but have little things to show off. In the near future I want to focus more time on creating content and less on wasting time with building chat bots etc.

Now project beta is something else. Less than 2 weeks ago I had nothing but the idea for the niche. And now it’s already a project that I’m kind of proud of.

Let’s list up the things I’ve done in less than 2 weeks:

  • Keyword Research
  • Writing 18 product reviews of at least 1.000 words
  • Writing homepage
  • Writing 1 Money Page
  • Writing 1 supporting article of > 1.000 words
  • Buying hosting and domain name
  • Setup WordPress, analytics, search console, RankMath, SSL,…
  • Design template pages with ThemeBuilder from ThriveThemes
  • Published all of the content
  • Created 2 persona’s
  • Written and published a “History”, “About Us”, “Privacy Policy”, “Contact us”… page
  • Created a quiz with ThriveQuizBuilder

I’d say the only thing this website needs more is consistent fresh content, some more money pages, more content on the homepage and links.

But hey, I feel like most of the hard has been done. Writing 18 product reviews is quite boring so I might consider outsourcing other product reviews. I just hate it too much 😉

In total, the website now has over 30k words published. That’s a good start.

The homepage is already indexed in Google and I expect some of the other pages to slowly get indexed as well soon.


Project Alfa didn’t make any money yet. There’s still too little content on this website. I just seem to have so many ideas for this website, that I sometimes seem to lose focus.

Anyway, here’s the screenshot of the visitors according to Google Analytics.

visitors google analytics project alfa april

As you can see, visitors have started to climb. But this is actually a lot less than I initially planned for last year when I started this project. Nonetheless, at least it’s going up and I’m ready now to make this grow really hard 😉

Almost all of the visitors are coming to the website through SEO, which makes sense. Here’s a graph of the organic visitors for project Alfa:

Organic visitors project alfa april

Right now, I don’t have a subscription to Ahrefs anymore. It’s fairly expensive so I’m only to subscribe again when I really need it but right now, I have the data I need. So there’s no graph about the ranking keywords.

But here’s a graph from Google Search Console with the evolution last months in terms of impressions.

impressions project alfa april

So impressions have been climbing but seem to have stagnated the last few weeks. I expect next month will be somewhat te same or even a decline. Summer months aren’t the greatest for this website and it might take a while before new content will move the needle.

Anyway, not the best results, but we’re making progress. I hope to be able to show you guys some more impressive numbers soon and maybe even a first sale 😉

For Project Beta, there obviously is not much to show since the start was less than 2 weeks ago. As of next month, I’ll be able to show the first graph. But it would surprise me if there any visitors yet except visits from myself 😉

Goals for May

For Project Alfa I want to publish 3 money pages of about 3000 to 4000 words each. Next to these money page, I want to write and publish 6 supporting/informational articles.

As far as linkbuilding goes for project alfa, I might do some blog comments/forum links, some directory links and maybe even a first guest post. But I still don’t plan to go to aggressive with linkbuilding for this month.

For the month May I expect to work little to nothing on Project Beta. I think it’s good to let this website get indexed now and let it age just a little bit. I might drip a few articles and maybe create some social profiles and some basic foundation links but I’ll definitely won’t put in the amount of work like I did in April.

Most of my time in May will be going to optimizing older niche websites for some easy wins and some client work.