My name is Chesney Vanroy. A 90’s kid, currently probably living in South-East Asia. For a few years, I’ve been working as an online marketer in Belgium, my home-country.

Next to my full-time job, I’ve always been working on side projects like Love4Fitness. I’ve been doing client SEO as well as setting up and managing my own affiliate and lead-generating websites.

In March 2020, I’ve quit my job to fully focus on my affiliate and lead-generating websites. I still do some client SEO work every now and then though. Yet, my focus remains my own projects.

I don’t claim to be an expert affiliate marketeer. However, I do have a few years of experience and I can say that I know my way in this affiliate world.

Online hustling is something I already did when I was young. I still consider myself young though ;-).

When I was about 14 – 15 years old, I started buying and selling online. I imported electronics from China and sold it in Belgium and the Netherlands on platforms like eBay. I sold quite some stuff to my friends at school as well. Business was going good and I earned more in a few months than I would’ve than when I worked an entire month full-time.

Unfortunately, my parents weren’t that big fans of my business as they were scared tax authorities would discover my business. That’s why I had to quit my little business.

Fast forward a few years and I’m still hustling online. I don’t buy and sell anymore but I make my money with affiliate marketing and lead generation.

With this website, I want to share my successes, failures and learnings with the public. I’ll be experimenting with new strategies, projects,… I’m so excited to get started, I hope you are too.